Gathering Trends and Oscillators logics to create strong simple strategy.

I think the most important was article about trend, to achieve understanding that it does not matter current bar (or whole wave) is up or down, but it does matter Where this bar located — to determine is it buyers or sellers TERRITORY.

Direction Correction Target - was created with idea of floors and stairs, main line is Daily Level - so while price is running down or even up, but Below Daily Level - I am acting like a seller.

Next and the most complicated moment to handle - is when price climbs or shots up. We can't know for sure - downtrend has finished or price just corrects back to settle, to trap buyers, to refuel energy to continue its move down.

That is why — DCT has Hour4 and Hour Levels - to draw a cloud and CUT uncertain territory - it is better Not to trade when price inside the cloud or cloud color is fading. And it is good to trade
  • if Daily level was not broken
  • price has settled : color was violet or fading 
  • and AFTER fading - at the next Price Action - new trend continuation acceleration : color becomes bright.   

And here is even more detailed investigation. I am watching at Oscillator, 
to differentiate even such thin moments as whether it working time or coffee break.

If Stoch RSI points New wave Against the Daily DCT Level:  I think it is time for a coffee break. Next : if up wave will end and price is still Below Daily Level - I think price will go at least one more stair down.

Another Next: if wave up will brake daily level - it is sad, in that case - it might be a sign that downtrend has finished, but it is not good idea to open opposite buy trades right now. It is time to go out to. It is time to wait at least one more wave Down to see — will it holds Above daily level - then we will enter buy at the next up wave, or if price will not settle above Daily Level, but goes back below - ok - then price can dive into even more strong wave down.

Screenshot below - shows that price do not brake Daily Line, but Hour4 Hour cloud becomes green - it is the same - no sense to trade while it goes up while Daily Big Territory is Sellers territory. Just wait. WHERE will it come... will it stop Above or Below Daily Line - in this screenshot - green wave has ended Below Daily Line - ok - it is good signal Big Daily sellers still in the game and we can accurately join by Hours cloud - into potentially big move down that can bring profits for next several days.

and now take a look at Oscillator in the bottom of the chart - that moment when green dct cloud up has ended, the same time we can see dots into oscillator window - dots means Three Oscillators : Three Time Frames are going Same Direction... means resonance between long term traders, middle term and scalpers - the moment when every fast and slow strategies are giving sell signals - Resonance... this word, this signal is strong by itself, but it also is not opposite, but in the same direction as DCT Trend analyze - so according to this strategy - it is best possible moment to sell.      

All my works was made for personal use (trading is a lonely business - you know) and it is hard for me to write instructions... how to use my stuff... to find words do describe my vision to the other person. Hope you discovered key things I wanted to tell.

If you noticed presence of sense - you can get Direction Correction Target (DCT) here,
and Stoch RSI Resonance here.