Definition of the Trend. The way to have Strict scenario during the day.

There were days I've made several trades in Different direction during the day, running after price up and down. Terrible days I must say. And the only question I found worth being - is not "What direction" price moving right now, but "Where this move is located". Imagine tennis ball rolls down and jumps down the stairs.

The idea was to create an indicator similar to stairs, and to draw not the rung, but the level above rung - top level (worst level) to which ball might bounce up, before next natural fall down. In such way - while ball bounces UP but its LOCATION is still BELOW top line - it is still a falling territory.
(and the top line is a best location to sell)

This bouncing moves are Natural... That is why it works good, and trend reverse becomes obvious too - in such theory - trend reverse - it is when something supernatural appears ... as example - the ball freezes in the air Above Top Line.. this, and Only this - will be a sign that ball changed its nature, the tennis ball becomes the flying balloon and now it will fly up. It will naturally fly up, it will also make back steps, landings to rest. So the moves will look like the same bouncing, stairs nature, but vice versa.

...every Idea ...has a Solution