ATR Channel - cTrader Indicator

Same as Stochastic RSI - this is not my own invention, but modification of existing indicator.
Why I am interested in it :  
1) Main line - it is Better than Moving Average and so on trend indicators. Most average based indicators are failing when price is reaching some level and settles there - all average based indicators are then mixing with the price and loosing sense - because they are "forgetting" bears or bulls where dominating before. Meanwhile, this indicator can freeze while price is flirting inside ATR range - it's main line will stay straight horizontally - and will be shifted only if some real move that is bigger than ATR will occur. Pretty easy logic with heavy doze of sense.

2) Channel - Bollinger Bands is well known and possibly main among Volatility / Channels indicators. But I hate it same as Moving Averages - because Bollinger Bands middle line is just simple Moving Average... But it is nice to have a with high probability of price range - that is why here is also channel - but more adequate I think - because this channel is calculating not from nonsense point of moving average, but from more stable point - built by ATR.  

3) I like to have multi time frame view - that is why I modified this indicator to have ... lets say channel based on daily volatility - on some faster H1 or H4 chart. Or to add indicator several times at one chart, with different time frame parameters.