cTrader Telegram Communic : Alerts, Push Notifications

This algo is much more complicated, it depends not only cTrader API, but also Operating System, Telegram API and Telegram Servers, you need also to do some steps below to create your own telegram bot that will be connected to this utility (it is very easy, it will be fun and cool to play with it) that is why I cant guaranty it will work for you - that is why it is free - you can try it before connect some serious indicators, robots, signals, alerts, e t c  

Download and run it - it will be not among indicators, but among robots in your cTrader.
  1. Create new Bot:

    Use this direct Telegram @botfather link, or search "BotFather" via Telegram mobile. Click it.

    You'll see "Start" button, click it and choose /newbot command. BotFather will ask you to type a name and username for your bot. The NAME of your bot is free of rules, it can be something like "cTrader Signals". While your bot's USERNAME - must end in "bot", e.g. "coderias_bot" or "CoderiasBot".

  2. Bot will be created and your bot's TOKEN will be generated. The token is a string looks like 110201543:AAHdqTcvCH1vGWJxfSeofSAs0K5PALDsaw that is required to authorize the bot and send requests. Copy and save it.

  3. Very important! Before pasting Token into Telegram Communic - you must find Your bot using search, and send a First message to your bot (Just type "hello" or anything) . Utility will not be able to connect, while you do not send something to your bot first.

  4. Paste achieved from BotFather token into Telegram Communic utility token field, and click "Connect" . You will see "Saved" instead of token and a name of your bot if everything ok, or an error with a tips if it will be something wrong.
  5. Finally - you can type something into message field and click "Send" to test that utility will deliver you message to your PC or Mobile Telegram app.

If all steps done well and you are able to receive messages - now we can talk about what we can do with this. We can do Everything...
As for me - I have connected StochRSI Resonance indicator to get messages about new waves at the desired time frame and the most cool is notification about waves resonance. You can have it too.

Next thoughts - if you have some working strategy based on indicator or advisor and wish to improve it, to run it at one or many charts to create a watch list, to receive signals about specified conditions - I can do it. This utility is built with idea to be something like "notification center" and collect messages from all connected indicators, robots, prices, reached take profits or stop losses etc