Direction Correction Target - cTrader Indicator

DCT is own creation and the most effective trading assistant, algo calculates all necessary levels - trend Direction, possible Correction and Targets. DCT has also comments at the right side of the chart "Prefer Sell, Buy Above, H4 Target, Daily Target ... ".
It was made with idea to be not just an indicator but the whole trading strategy system by itself.
  • DCT has unambiguous algo - it has No variable parameters. You will have no more stress wondering which settings of period, type etc is better. Levels calculation based at old good Candles, with understanding which candle is inside bar, which is break out, which is corrective, which is trend.
  • DCT is technical indicator Without Redrawing - Levels are always standing still.
  • DCT is like a good man - it has a Strong side (Levels), and a Sensitive side (Colors).
  • LEVELS : Daily and H4 levels calculated by DCT - are the most important Support / Resistance.
  • COLORS : take a closer look - its logic Not simple up / down logic - but more complicated formula with important purpose. Colors fading and violet - indicates trend losing strength, can be sharp opposite move or total trend reverse - but no - do not try to catch top / bottom - it happens Less times, while the Most times it is a Correction. And this is what DCT created for - price makes a move - then it goes back - and here is very important "IF" - if price touches and bounces from, or finds a settle place near - any of D, H4, or H1 levels - AND gets acceleration afterwards (violet becomes red / green again) : that case has  HIGH probability price will continue its move even more higher / lower than previous move.

    * the only case - you will see sharp move but DCT color will NOT become green / red, but will stay violet - is when price was in trend - and then makes sharp opposite move - yes, it has HUGE acceleration - but it is BAD idea to trade it, because there is High probability it will make a huge move back, or will make panic up and down enormous twitch. It is NOT trend acceleration - it may be END of previous trend or Panic or some "BIG Player" closed its positions to take profit - no matter what - but it is NOT structured acceleration - that is why it will be no color signal. DCT will wait what will happen next, and will give red or green color Only when price will come back OR if it will find peace in that opposite direction, then DCT will give opposite color with idea emotions are behind, calm and structure are restored - so Now we can trade.
  • TARGETS : positions can be hold till trend structure is not broken, but our world and markets are changing very fast (or I have no patience) that is why targets by H4 are necessary at least for partial fast Take Profit.
  • OPTIONS : if you will open chart with fast time frame m1, m5, m15 - any less than a Hour - you will see all DCT levels : Daily, Hour4, and Hour - to have detailed analysis of the market - perfect for fast  trades. If you will open chart with Hour time frame - there will be no H1 level, so you will see only stronger - Daily and Hour4 levels. If you will open Hour4 chart - there will be no H4 and H1 levels, but only trend direction by strongest - Daily Level and Targets - good enough to trade longer term.

Apply it to any of your charts - sure you will like what you'll see.

DCT is my favorite and final stop among Trend Indicators 
- but no trend can last forever - that is why I am using it always in pare with Oscillator.