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! Newer version available - which is loading calendar automatically ! please contact if you still have old version .

This tool created to upload Economic Calendar once at weekend - to have a list of upcoming news directly on the chart. It also has a Reminder with a girls voice, she will tell you that some event will be in 15 minutes. You can stop your trading or be prepared if it will be high volatility publication.

This calendar do not load news results - it is Not for "news trading" . Moreover - experienced traders have seen many times - publication announces cool numbers that must be supportive - but the price is acting in a chaotic or even opposite way. The logic is... deeper, in a Bigger Picture. Just imagine that a news items is Not bad or good, but rather Acceleration or Fading of EXISTING trend. That is why publication results are not so important as a Time of publication - that moment can give a new breath, to Accelerate trend or to send trend to rest for some time. The main thing - most news (if it is not monetary policy meeting) do not brake, but just tickle Bigger Picture Trend.

And yes - I can make calendar events list to load automatically, instead of every week manual loading from here. But I like trading and like to have some ritual at weekends.
...and my site has no promotion so your visits also bring some help for its evolution.

And yes - I can make it to load publication results too, but this tool was made for own use with a purpose to OMIT news results - to have No seduce to jump into some "oh! it is so good" . I am absolutely Technical trader, I don't care about fundamentals. Years of trading brings me to decision - to ignore all people experts or news are telling. They can be wrong, while chart is always right - by showing the Final Result of all news and politics, so the only thing I trust - is Proper technical indicators and trading in a time where is No emotional events.