Partnership / Order Trading Software Development / Featured Broker

First - I love cTrader platform, I'm trading with it almost since its birth. But I don't like any of existing indicators, that is why my workspace is totally modified - all indicators and tools created by my own, to achieve results, style and tastes I wanted.

Now I can create almost Everything that programming code allows. So the first kind of partnership - if you have some ideas and need programmer - maybe I can help. I have no prices - my price is sense... if your idea will be interesting - we will do it. I think trading ideas is the thing no need to pay for - trading results - are the best rewards.

Second - there is option to have all my indicators and tools for free.
It is by joining to my partners group with a same broker I am using. Details here.  
But really - the best we can do for each other : If you have ability to pay for some tools - it will help me a lot. My trading results was a disaster for a long time (2019 for example) and have transformed to stability just recently - thanks to that tools I have done for myself. I still have no statement with accurate growth balance line, my balance line is still a bit shaking, but summary - finish points of days and months have became stable green.
Now I have very modest office job that helped to survive, but it takes all my time and slows down my trading and programming. That is why every little payment is like an investment - I mean - if you will help me to step over financial worries - my mind will work much better and I am 100% confident that I am able to create much more complicated intelligent tools or robots, but I am bad in multitasking - I need just time and peace to completely concentrate and dive into one project. If my trading + your payments will lead me out of financial worries = I will be more productive + enormously grateful to those people who supported me by funds or kind words. And when I am talking about "investment" I mean my next level developments will be available for people in my contacts list. Even now, maybe you have already noticed something worthwhile among my tools, but this site and that tools - it is only short preview - I hate to create those sales pages and instructions - while my present days trading workspace has been run far away ahead and improved by tools I am sharing only with those people who have made some steps into my side - then I am making even more steps - by sharing tools and concepts personally. 
I am also thinking about some kind of structured consultations. But I am introvert - I cant do it with masses, I feel comfortable only in personal communication. That is why I am not advertising it, but if you want - we can reach an agreement about time and have a private conversation.
I have no philosophy or theory (I hate such "coaches") I accept only such structure : must be Concept - some pattern or analysis with very unambiguous logic and a sense that covers wide range of market details - that can be clearly converted and implemented into Tool - that is helping to see market more clearly. So if we will have conversation - there will be no theory, but logic+logic+logic = high probability of positive result. 

My goals are stable and long time relations - so feel free to contact - I'm sure wise people can always find a way to create something useful, profitable, interesting together.