cTrader Power Toys - most useful tools included in one Customizable Trading Workspace.

This project is in test mode. 

If you have bought any of previous tools or contacted me for coding services - you can contact me now to get beta version of this workspace.
It is working at my Microsoft Surface with Windows 10 and even at low memory VPS with Windows Server. But it has very complicated code - so users from different Time Zones with different PC's are welcome to help me to test its work-ability in other conditions, or to suggest features. 

I have become full-time trader recently - after several years of costly mistakes at own experience.
cTrader Power Toys workspace - was developed with me in a natively way by including and improving trading tools, I found as the only things I need for successful trading. Now it has become customizable on the go workspace for everyday trading life, it makes charts interactions as comfortable as possible, efficiently armed and good looking. 

Inspired by Microsoft Power Toys, Microsoft Visual Studio and Microsoft Surface.