Time Management. Create own market screener - with Mobile Push Signals.

Charts are like fire and water - we can look at it endlessly. But sometimes my eyes and head feels sick and tired, or I have no time, or I have another projects I want to do, or even some film or book I want to rest with.

Sound alerts saving a lot of time and health for me. And I am not talking about price alerts, I don't use it at all. First thing I have started to use was alerts about new wave at the desired currency and time frame.

For example - I like to trade trend continuation after correction. I will not say nothing about how I determine trend - it is another story. Here I'd like to say about correction - correction is usually slow fading moves, it takes about 80% of the time, while strong trend moves are fast several candles.


So it is good to have an alert when boring correction time ends and a new trend wave starts. That can have both - fast profit plus perspective to go far away and stay in break even - to hold it and bring even more profits in the next wave.

Sound alerts are good, but what if I'd like to do something far from desktop? There is one thing we never part with - mobile, watch or some other kind of gadgets - that is why cTrader-Telegram Communic  become must have add-on for me.