1. Roboforex - is a property of Robomarkets LTD, which is registered as a legal investment company in 29 European countries.

2. Đ•his is a fairly large company that cares about its reputation, confirming it not only with words and certificates, but also with money that is invested in insurance and customer protection.

3. Roboforex - as a part of Robomarkets LTD, has the same insurance plus additional special brokerage license.

4. Moreover - some big brokers, such as Roboforex - are not only brokers, but also participant of the Financial Commission.

Every broker tells about its reliability, how big ang cool it is. OK - but I think all of that is not something special I think - it is just standard. Broker's business - it is commissions. Meanwhile - rare broker is really client friendly - I mean case when broker not only taking its comission, but also gives something back. Roboforex is my cosy place, because I can clearly see - that it gives me not only market acces, but a list of "care" features I apreciate. Here is this list :

Official page - to discover all offers (here I have placed only those I like most)

I prefer cTrader and currencies, but RoboForex has a lot of instruments to trade - just in case you will need something more.

The indicators and tools that you can see on this site, as well as the creation of this site, are the stages of learning programming.
I like to make things around me, especially in my ctrader charts, serious, advanced and stylish.

What I've done in the past is still here. But my favorite technical analysis tool, which I made for myself, and about all future improvements - I will share only personally. I have come to a point where, thanks to programming, I have a clear understanding of the market, and I'd like to have a little community of traders where we can help each other. And here is how I see it :

I'd like to have mutually beneficial + friendly + long term relationships, so if you are an independent trader or a newbie - and if you do not have close connections with some brokers or companies - you can join the way I am going. I have a very positive experience with RoboForex, so joining my affiliate program might be the first step. Thus, you will receive both - a pleasant client cabinet from a good broker, plus full support from me. We will be connected in this way - I will be interested in your financial growth - the more you grow - the more cashback commission we both will receive from the broker. I think this is fair and even ideal - you will get lifetime programming support and all my updates without paying a penny - the broker will pay for you. Moreover, I am from Ukraine, but I can speak English or Russian, so we can have video conversations with screen sharing - so I will share not only the tools, but also my thoughts and vision of the market.

The same is with the well-known Proprietary Trading firm FTMO where you can remotely manage the FTMO Account with a balance of up to 400,000 USD . It's a great feature, but it's not easy - it has strict rules. Some of my programs are designed specifically for trading in FTMO in order to achieve much needed accuracy and consistency. So you can learn more about RoboForex in "Featured Broker" and "Client Care" top tabs at this page, and make your step here : RoboForex Then contact me to talk closely.