You are here.. I suppose you are a Trader? ..exploring, looking for tools, strategies, and lessons from "guru" all over the web.

So I must say - I'm not a trading guru and you will not find magic knowledge to succeed here. I've repaired plumbing in the neighbor's house recently, and the little boy asked me "Are you a master?" my answer was "WHY to be a master?" I'm sure he didn't understand me, but I hope you will.

My point is : I dont believe in the concept of specialists, masters, guru and so on. If I see that pipe is leaking - I dont need to study to be a plumber, I just need a wrench to unscrew that old pipe and plot a new one. That's all. That's everywhere - in most cases - concepts of "masters\specialists" are overvalued, while everything in this world looks more like a constructor, and what we really need - is an own
–°onsciousness: to see logical chains between details, and to have proper Tools: to interact with those details.

That is why :

1. I like the idea of technical tools for trading. I'm sure that a proper tool can replace both master and all his philosophy. None of "masters" will ever tell you that - cause they are interested in teaching you till the end of your days and/or savings.

2. I like the idea of technical tools for trading. But I dont like any of the existing technical indicators. That is why I've temporarily become a programmer to fix this, to modify or rewrite - to make trading indicators / tools at lest less useless.

3. I like cTrader Platform - its power and tools I was able to create. I like the workspace I have now - I've named it "cTrader Power Toys" (cTPT) and I think it is worth sharing. But I am not going to pull out your money and time - I'll provide just a straight overview of cTPT logic, and if you will like it "as is" - you can get it by payment or even without - by at least some retaliatory useful action or idea for me.

Alex Neil, Poland + Ukraine 
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