You are here - I suppose you are Trader, standing at the enormous crossroad of trading lessons and variety of tools for trading. As a person who was in a same situation since 2013 - I hate to see tons of web pages about trading - all that philosophy, psychology and whiteboards lessons - with schemas unacceptable for real time markets or not clearly strict for constant repeat. 
I prefer mathematics and geometry - both Strict and Repeatable. That is why my attention was caught by technical indicators. I have applied many ...maybe all? existing indicators but was not satisfied. What is wrong with most indicators? I've started to explore indicator's source codes to find out what is wrong - to modify - to make them usable.

I hope this site will allow you to disassemble and understand trading into small details with my eyes - and to benefit from using thoughts and tools I have constructed. You can also get help with development of any detail such as indicator, chart tool, robot e t c - you need in your own trading strategy.  
Main principles :
"at the own skin" = my main occupation is full-time trading. I think it is important for you to understand - that every tiny thought or tool you will find here - is not another marketing shit - but something I have passed through myself, filtered, improved, accepted as useful and applied to my own trading first.  

"personal responsibility" = I have robots, I see robots available at cTrader and MetaTrader marketplaces, I don't even need to buy them - I can simply analyze logic and build robot by my own or even a bit better - BUT - I am not using them. I see them from inside and I don't like what I see. Mostly they have terribly primitive logic, or vise versa - complicated but not flexible. Even AI that combines complicated + flexible technologies by itself - not always able to handle all life situations. That is why I can't post robots on my site, to sell or advice some robot to you. Trading is money and responsibility - I don't know about you, but my money - are managed by my own only. Maybe if I will have to much spare money and time for experiments - I will built some "almost wise" robot I will trust. But for now - I am focused at developing tools I need just now - for comfort to keep stable flying in manual trading.  
"priority only" = I hate garbage accumulation, that is why - every time I learn/develop something with higher efficiency/priority - same time - I am deleting old less priority stuff to keep mindset clear and focused, so you won't felt drown here - this site built with the same logic - to contain just several pages, updated by Key thoughts and tools for trading in present time.
"mutual support" = this site is my hobby and a place for communication - with idea to support each other. I am trying to place paid tools and services with a modest prices - to be both accessible for beginners, and at least little support and inspiration for me. 

Alex, GMT+2, Ukraine, Lviv